Flores is a new venture which offers beautiful jewels sourced from around the globe to meet your exacting requirements. Flores is not just any business but one born out of an obsession for gemmology and the jewellery market.


If you seek rare antique jewellery, or wish for a bespoke, unique piece designed just for you Flores should be your first port of call. As well as an online store, Flores now have a branch based in Chelsea, London and an office based in Bournemouth, available to visit by appointment only.

Flores was established by two Italian friends, Romulo and Giovanni, who met while working for the renowned antique dealer, Ian Towning, at his store in Chelsea, London. Through working for Ian, Romulo and Giovanni amassed not only years of experience but also developed a critical eye in seeking the most beautiful and rare jewellery to meet the demands of the most discerning customers.


What makes antique jewellery so special is often the story that lies behind it. Flores are absolutely driven to both discovering everything about the antique jewels they sell, and having the highest standards of customer service to meet your demands. Their formal gemmology training coupled with their extensive travels across continents means that they have the networks, the talent and the determination to bring to you the very best that is on offer in the antique market today.


However, if you want jewellery designed for you, and unique to you, Flores also offer a bespoke jewellery service, from the sourcing of gemstones to bringing them to brilliant life. You say what you want, and Flores will help you realise your dream.


Let Flores add beauty to any occasion.



Flores is passionate about delivering high quality service. Aim high and we will provide this service to you.

We know that you like taking care of the way you represent yourself and fashion is one of the main ways of doing this. Passion is something that resides within and resonates outwardly- it is a type of energy. Flores are dedicated to offering you a range of high quality jewels to demonstrate your passion for fashion. We want to help you represent your very best self and we are dedicated to providing this through our service to you.


Style is something that is unique to you as an individual. There are many ways to express yourself and jewellery is one of these features.

Style is timeless too. As we specialise in antique jewellery, we believe that high quality items can hold their value throughout many generations and still add an extra flair to contemporary style. Style represents you authentically, without pretence. Our abiding jewellery collection and bespoke jewellery service allows you to do just this.